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Difficulty: 3/3 - Servings 4 people - Prep Time: 60 min - Cook time: 30 min

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Mix the flour, salt and a glass of water. Cover with a wet towel and let it rest.
Devide the dough in 8 - 10 pieces and spread each piece in thin puffs.
Sprinkle cornstarch on the working surface and the rolling pin.


Grease a pan with melted butter, lay a puff on it, grease it with butter and you keep doing that until you use half of the puffs.
Add on top of the puffs the chopped walnuts and than the remaining puffs, greasing each one of them with melted butter.


Cut the cake in squares with a sharp kinifeand add the remaining melted butter on top.


Bake it for about an hour on medium heat (180°).


Put the sugar in a pan, cover with water, add a teaspoon of lemon juice (or rose water) and you boil it until you have a very dense syrup.


Pour the syrup over the warm baklava little by little, so that it can absorbe all the syrup. Serve it cold and you can keep it in the freezer.

Chef's notes
Chef's advices:
You can find the puffs in the stores.

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