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April, 09, 2012
Sweet old sugar! Everybody knows what sugar is and how it looks like in its various forms: granulated, powdered, brown or cubes, it’s used in every house for ages, to sweeten coffee, tea or other drinks ,to bake cakes and all kind of sweets... Read all

February, 29, 2012
The salt
by Iustina
The salt is a mineral that is find in all living organisms (the majority of tissues and fluids contain salt) in varying amounts. This mineral in known from ancient times, when it was used for preserve the meat, fish and furskins of the neolithic man... Read all

February, 27, 2012
Aromatic herbs
by Iustina
The spices, as the aromatic herbs, are aromatic plants because they emit pleasant smells thanks to the presence of essential oils. There are some particularities that set them apart, as so: the spices are aromatic plants that grow and expand in regions with tropical climate and they are obtained of all of the plant parts: root, stem, seeds and fruit and they are usually used dried, while the aromatic herbs are usually used fresh, they grow in regions with a temperate climate and they are the leaves and stems (not woody) of the herbs .... Read all

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March, 29, 2012
Olive oil - medicine aliment
by Iustina
The olive tree was and still is the symbol of peace and abundance. Its history is lost in the past long preceding the appearance of man on Earth. Olive branches crowns, emblems of blessing and purification, were offered to the Gods in religious rituals... Read all

March, 01, 2012
The spaghetti
by Iustina
If you ask someone nowadays which are the origins of the spaghetti, anyone would answer – Italian. But did you know that are other countries that claim the paternity of the spaghetti, countries like China and Arabia? For example, in China, after some archaeological diggings, was discovered a spaghetti plate dating back in the Neolithic ... Read all

February, 29, 2012
Mediterranean Diet – life philosophy
by Iustina
First of all we need to understand the meaning of the word “diet”. It derives from the Latin word “diaita” (Greek “diaita”) and it means life style. If you look in the dictionary, diet means : a rule of alimentation for healthy or sick persons, which prescribes quantities and qualities of aliments or temporary abstinence for some foods or drinks, special eating regimen, recommended in case of illness, for keeping the health, for lowering the body weight, etc ... Read all

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January, 24, 2012
How to boil eggs
I’m sure you will be smiling reading this title. You will say that you boil an egg and that’s it. Well … not really , you will learn how to boil eggs to your taste: soft, medium or hard. How many times you wanted to eat a soft boiled egg but you eat instead either a raw one or a to well done one? That happened to me a lot, I must recognize. So, I made my research and mow the soft eggs are soft, the hard eggs are hard and with the yolk yellow, not purple... Read all

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April, 03, 2012
Spring in the kitchen
After all the canned vegetables we had in the winter, it’s time for the fresh ones to take over our kitchens as the nature finely decided to fill our gardens with green patches. So, it is time for salads and dishes filled with vitamins from the greens that are in season now... Read all

February, 27, 2012
by Iustina
Solanum lycopersicum for some, Lycopersicon esculentum for others, tomato – for everyone. It’s a plant originar from Central and South America, which came to Europe in 1540 thanks to the Spanish. In 1596 (that’s a looong trip!) arrives in Italy, stops in the South, where it finds climatic conditions on its taste and later spreads in other regions favorable as temperatures... Read all

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