April, 03, 2012

Spring in the kitchen

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After all the canned vegetables we had in the winter, it's time for the fresh ones to take over our kitchens as the nature finely decided to fill our gardens with green patches. So, it is time for salads and dishes filled with vitamins from the greens that are in season now.

To make an enumeration of the favorite things to eat in spring, I will have to start with green onions. They come around early spring and may be used raw (for salads) or cooked in stir fry or other dishes of that kind. It goes great with lamb, so they are perfectly in time for the Easter recipes.

Another full of nutrients spring vegetable is the radish. You can use it for salads or as an appetizer vegetable, near cold cuts or cheese, easy snack! Just wash them and enjoy!

Talking about salads, here we have the lettuce, just rinse it in cold water just before serving, dry them, tear the leaves with your hands and add some other vegetables, as the two we talked about above and there you have a salad! Soooo easy!

Continuing with the enumerations, vitamin and iron filled, Popeye's favorite, the spinach. It can be also be consumed raw, in salads or sandwiches or cooked - steamed, sautéed or blanched, the big advantage of cooking the spinach being the fact that it take no time really, up to 5 minutes so it can keep its nutrient values and constitute a delicious, quick and healthy meal.

Asparagus is harvested during spring and early summer and it's also a great source of vitamins, plus it's low in calories and sodium which can allow you to prepare a great meal in the dietary days. It also needs little time to cook, up to 8 minutes depending on how you cook it. You can boil, steam, stir-fry, roast or grill it, either way, it's equally delicious and healthy.

Now, these are not the only vegetables for spring, I could go on and on, but everyone has their favorites and these are mine. You can use whatever vegetables you prefer, as long as they are fresh and healthy. The bonus thing for me is the healthy "fast - food". Enjoy the spring and your kitchen this time of the year!

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