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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer when a website is visited by the user. The text can store pieces of information that the website will be able to read when it is consulted in a second moment. Some of these cookies are necessary for the website correct working, whereas other ones are useful for the visitor as they are able to store safely for example the username, the language settings and the products added to the chart. Having cookies installed on your PC is a benefit for you because you do not need to put the same pieces of information each time you want to enter a previously-visited website.


The website uses cookies to carry out automatic authentications, sessions monitoring and information storage concerning the users entering the website. Some functionalities of the website may not be available without using cookies.

The website uses session cookies in order to store products which are put in the chart during the purchasing phase and to carry out the authentication/Login operation.

By selecting the “Remember me” box during the Login phase, the user can request the activation of persistent cookies in order to enable the authentication credentials storage. 

By blocking or rejecting the cookies, the user will not be able to benefit completely from some areas of the Website; moreover, the use of authentication services may be compromised. The above mentioned cookies are only for “technical” use or respond to specific requests by the Website user.

The Website does not use cookies for profiling purposes or marketing.

By visiting the Website with a previously-set browser accepting cookies you consent to use the Company’s products and services and to use the cookies and the other technologies which are necessary to visualize them, as it is described in this Privacy Regulations section. 


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