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Difficulty: 1/3 - Servings 4 people - Prep Time: 10 min - Cook time: 45 min

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Sauté the onion with 50 g of butter, add 50 g of diced Prosciutto and peas and cook for 10 minutes, then remove half the amount of the peas and all of the Prosciutto and place instead the rice. Flavor it, sprinkle with the wine (let this evaporate), then cook, adding a ladle of hot broth at a time.


Grease with butter a mold (empty in the center); place a layer of rice, one of Prosciutto strips and then one of rice.
Put it warm for 10 minutes.


In the meantime, heat the peas and the Prosciutto (pushed aside) and add the Marsala and the cream.
Turn out the rice on a heated serving plate then, in the center, pour the peas, ham and cream.


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